Meet the Dean (Pharmacy)

Our programme at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) provides an exciting and challenging learning and research environment designed to develop independent, innovative and creative ideas. The Mission of our institute is to become a centre of excellence in pharmaceutical education and research and will be world leader in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with a vision of strengthening the healthcare of the country.

Malaysia needs more pharmacists to work in different health sectors by 2020, and that the job market is also suffering from a shortage of qualified personnel specialised in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is expected by the year 2020, the ratio of pharmacist to the population of Malaysia should be 1:2000.

Given the importance of upgrading the level of pharmaceutical services provided to patients, our faculty is putting greater emphasis on the expansion and development of clinical and social pharmacy on par with other disciplines of pharmacy, namely, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemisty, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy Management and Administration, Consultancy, Research and Development. New areas of pharmacy such as military pharmacy, disaster management and activity such as Young MERCY are also introduced into our curriculum. The curriculum in CUCMS is designed in such a way that we are able to produce holistic pharmacists.

Also keeping in view of the global development in pharmacy education and pharmaceutical care, we are planning to introduce postgraduate and Doctor of Pharmacy programs (Pharm. D). The administration is keen on the development of the academic plan to follow the footsteps of established universities abroad, and the academic accreditation standards set forth by the respective accreditation bodies.

As a successful graduate from our institute, your experiences here will prepare you for a successful and rewarding career in the pharmaceutical practice, industry and academia.

Prof. Dr. Rosnani Hashim RPh
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy