Faculty of Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

(PA/KN 6525) KPT(JPS)600-07/65/ Jld.II(4)

About the Programme

The MBBS programme at CUCMS was developed with the aim of producing caring, compassionate and knowledge-based doctors who would become assets to the patient and nation in general.

The MBBS programme is a five-year course culminating in the award of the Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery degree. Among the unique features of the programme are the application of student-centred learning (SCL) approach, the teaching and training in Military Medicine (and associated subjects), disaster management and humanitarian relief training.

During the Pre-clinical Phase (Year 1 and 2) students are trained at the CUCMS main campus, with various sessions in clinics, hospitals and other related postings outside the campus. After which, during the Clinical Years (Year 3, 4 and 5) students will undergo clinical training postings at the Ministry of Defense Hospitals in Terendak, Melaka, the Navy Hospital in Lumut, Perak and the new Kuala Lumpur Army Hospital (which is presently under construction).

The Ministry of Health has also allocated 11 government hospitals for clinical trainings for CUCMS students.

Programme’s Objectives

Upon graduation, these young doctors are expected to be able to:

  • • Apply the principles of medical knowledge and the practice
  • • Diagnose and manage illnesses correctly
  • • Communicate effectively and caringly with patients, their families and members of    the society
  • • Promote and propagate skills in preventing illnesses and the promotion of health
  • • Be skillful in the usage of basic medical technology during the management of    patients


Career Prospect

Upon graduation, these young doctors are expected to become:

  • • Physician / Pakar Perubatan
  • • Cardiologist / Pakar Kardiologi
  • • Paediatrician / Pakar Pediatrik
  • • Obstetrician & Gynaecologist / Pakar Ginekologi & Obstretrik
  • • Psychiatrist / Pakar Psikiatri
  • • Surgeon / Pakar Bedah
  • • Anesthesiologist / Pakar Bius
  • • Forensic Pathologist / Pakar Forensik
  • • Pathologist / Pakar Patologi
  • • Ophthalmologist / Pakar Optalmologi
  • • Otorhinolaryngologist / Pakar Telinga, Hidung dan Tekak
  • • Orthopaedics Surgeon / Pakar Ortopedik