Student Admission & Academic Affairs


The Academic Affairs Department is responsible for the Senate, student admission, student registration, student record, examination, graduation and convocation.

CUCMS provides foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Interested students will be able to obtain important information here concerning entry requirements, how to apply, admission process, fees and charges.

Student Admission Department
- Manage a systematic scheduled student intake.
- Prepare the estimation and forecast of student intake.
- Process the student selection for Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate   programmes.
- Prepare offer letter for successful candidates.
- Report statistics of admission.

Admission Process
- Qualified candidates (please refer to entry requirement) may apply via online or   submit your application to the Admission Unit.
- Qualified candidates will be called for interview after 7 working days.
- Candidates will be interviewed by the Selection Committee.
- The Selection Committee then forwards the qualified candidates list for Senate   approval.
- The Admission Unit will produce an offer letter of admission to successful candidates.

Student Registration
- Manage and organize student’s course registration.
- Preparing lecture schedule and examination schedule.
- Organize and monitor lecture hall usage.
- Maintain upkeep of lecture halls.
- Prepare and manage the necessities and amenities of lecture halls.

Student Record
- Manage and organise student personal file
- Manage and organise student academic profile.
- Monitor and implement graduation event.